Business Depends on Technology

Business depends on Technology

Business depends on Technology. IT systems are now the lifeblood of an organization: but they also have the potential to bring about its demise. The question is not “if” your company’s Information security will be breached, or even when. The real questions are: is your organization aware of it, and how well are you protected for the future?

‘Information & Cyber Insecurity’ has been rated as the biggest risk in India, followed by Terrorism, Corruption and other risks that pose the most significant threats to business perception & operations (source: FICCI Survey, 2017)


“By 2020, 100% of large enterprises will be asked to report to their Board of Directors on Cybersecurity.” (source: Gartner)


Responsibility for deflecting cyber attacks is no longer just the responsibility of their IT departments; it is an enterprise-wide issue. Our multidisciplinary capabilities that combines in-depth technical skills with a complete range of professional services helps you get the most value from your IT investment. We have developed a suite of tools, processes and relationships to help companies effectively and efficiently realize the Technology potential.


Common Information Security Threats & Vulnerabilities:-

  • Critical Data Leakage– Business Plans, Email communication of senior management, Intellectual property, Customer confidential information, etc.
  • Regulatory risk– Penalties due to non-compliance to provisions of Information Technology Act, 2008; Information Technology Rules, 2011; E-waste (Management) Rules, 2016, etc.
  • Reputation risk– adverse media publicity, loss of public trust and additional legal costs
  • Financial Frauds– by manipulating critical information, loss of sales & receivables
  • Business Continuity– Hacking of IT systems forcing shut down parts of networks or Ransomware attacks
  • Outsourced vendors– compromising the critical strategic information & customer service

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