Understanding Lean Six Sigma

Understanding Lean Six Sigma

In business terms, Six Sigma is defined as a business strategy used to improve business profitability, to drive out waste, to reduce costs of poor quality and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all operations so as to meet or even exceed customer expectations. The Six Sigma approach begins with a business strategy and ends with top-down implementation having a significant impact on profit if successfully deployed. It takes users away from intuition-based decisions (what we think is wrong) to fact-based decisions (what we know is wrong).


Bill Smith, an engineer, and Mikel Harry together devised a methodology with the focus on defect reduction and improvement in yield through statistics.


The term Six Sigma was coined by Bill Smith who is now called the father of Six Sigma. Terms such as Black Belt and Green Belt were coined by Mikel Harry in relation to Martial Arts.


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Six Sigma Black Belt
Executive Assistant-Managing Partners
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