Approaching the CFO

Approaching the CFO

We all get asked to sell high! Each one has to make a mark with the C-Suite Audience, CFO particularly. Honestly, that’s where the money is!


Your relationship with a CFO needs to be that of a trusted resource, a source of valuable information and insight that they will call upon when dealing with the recommendations and protests of others. Calling the CFO is easy, just pick up the phone and dial, Right? Nope! What will you do if they answer the phone?


We at TRC follow several basic rules when we talk to CFOs. First of all, don’t call unless you have something to talk about. That means, if you don’t have anything going with that account yet, the CFO is not the place to start. Second rule is to keep the conversation brief (you are showing respect for their time). The third rule is to be direct, which also respects their time. The fourth rule is that you must provide them with an easy exit to the conversation. The fifth or final rule is to close the conversation by opening a communication channel with them.


By planning your conversation with the CFO, you will accomplish everything that you need to at this point in your selling process. The CFO will typically view the conversation as a success and a breath of fresh air. From their perspective, it did not take long, it did not waste their time, you listened (a rarity), and there were no awkward moments. You have introduced yourself and proven to be respectful and credible in your questions and directness. You now have a conduit to the CFO which you will undoubtedly need later. I have always found this approach to be successful and I hope you do as well.


Harpreet Singh Popli,
Assistant Vice President- Client Relations
TRC Corporate Consulting Private Limited

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