17 Apr 2020 Ankit Chadha

Little Known Facts about Compliance Risk - And Why They Matter

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The compliance risk has exponentially increased with the growing global law and regulations and the rise in expectations of stakeholders. It is primarily a risk to your organization’s overall standing, which results from law violations, breach of rules regulations and non-adherence. You must understand that it is imperative to improve your firm’s risk assessment procedure to substantiate compliance risk exposure.  It is vital for the security of your firm that you understand the implications of compliance risk analysis thoroughly. 

The Distinction Between Compliance Risks 

There are two types of compliance risk assessments that most companies perform. In the case of enterprise risk assessment, you identify the risks related to operations, strategy, finance and compliance threats that your company might face. The other method is internal audit risk assessments that are more likely to ascertain financial statement threats along with operational and compliance risks. 

It is crucial to understand that neither of the two methods specializes in identifying legal or regulatory compliance risks. You must note that a more focused approach is required to conduct a comprehensive compliance risk assessment. Therefore, it will prove advantageous for your organization if you combine the tasks that help you identify various threat assessments, which can be used as a precedent procedure for all compliance risk evaluation processes

Impact of Compliance Risk Plan 

With extensive insight into compliance risks that your organization is facing or might pose in the future, you can understand and predict its impact. This assessment helps prepare or formulate a mitigation plan for the consequences. An efficient compliance risk evaluation enables you to prioritize risks, hand them over to the risk owners and assign both monetary and non-monetary support to lessen the impact. 

Outlining and Planning 

The complexity of the compliance risks, demand that you employ a strategy-based framework and a set method. It will benefit you if you outline your organization’s compliance risk capacity and organize them into various spheres of risk. You must have a comprehensive compliance risk mitigation plan to help you understand the implications of the risks and have a well-planned strategy in place to mitigate the risks effectively. 

Application and Evaluation 

During the application of any compliance risk plan, the methodology helps in understanding the inherent risk exposure of the company.  The knowledge of inherent risk helps you plan for the further requirement of mitigation strategies. You must understand some of the risk drivers. 

  • The legal aspect covers the lawsuits, which may impact your organization and employees. 

  • The financial aspect relates to the negative impact on your company, such as drop-in share price or the loss of investors. 

  • When shutdowns occur, it can adversely affect your organization and its operations. 

  • There can be damage caused to your company due to reputation loss or decline in customer trust. 

You must keep all these points in mind as they will enable you to assess the risks bound to your organization. The use of quantitative and qualitative measures helps determine the extent of impact from various threats.  

While dealing with compliance risks, your framework and methods enable you to identify the risks that can be managed more actively. It also helps you determine the effectiveness of your organization’s risk-mitigation actions

Our Practices That Ensure a Successful Compliance Risk Management 

Many elements help you achieve a successful compliance risk assessment, such as: 

  • You must get inputs from compliance risks specialists as well as the other people in your organization. They understand the functionality of the business and therefore understand the risks better. 

  • The different risk domains must be specified, with the owners taking responsibility for their actions. This allotment will ensure effective management and transparency. 

  • The remedial assessment actions should be understood across all the applicable departments for the proper allocation of resources. 

  • A check on data and statistics frequently will enable a better understanding of the existing risks. 

We, at TRC Consulting, offer you services to plan an inclusive, comprehensive compliance risk assessment plan. Our credible team ensures that you get all the information and assistance to formulate and execute successful risk mitigation strategies. With a base of satisfied 350+ clients globally, we aim to challenge the conventional methods of risk management and provide the best in class service to meet all your business’s compliance risk management needs. For an understanding of our services, get in touch with our team.  

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