01 Jan 2019 Shaquib Wasif

Why should your talent sourcing strategy incorporate manpower consultants?


Talent acquisition through manpower consultants helps organisations to choose from candidates and not applicants. When an organisation’s talent sourcing strategy incorporates manpower consultants, the approach to hiring stands change. The hiring channel is diverted from in house recruitment cell and the process is accompanied with a large number of advantages.

Expedites hiring process:

Manpower consultants have a well-established talent network. When hiring through a consultant, organisations have the advantage of tapping into the large talent pool of vetted candidatures. The task of going through numerous applications and resumes can be cut short as these set of scanning activities are executed by the agency and only relevant candidates are forwarded for organisation’s consideration. This significantly shortens the hiring time.

A recruiting agency permits managers to take better and well informed decisions. It helps filling up vacant positions with worthy and qualified candidates. Since these agencies work in close alliance with the organisation, they have complete knowledge about positions and roles that may come up. Consultants are thus in a better position to build pipelines so that the process of on boarding may be executed as soon as the requirement actually arises. This eliminates wastage of time and quick replacement as soon as an existing employee resigns.

Better quality of candidatures:

Manpower consultants have professionally trained recruiters for assessing and carrying out the process of candidate selection.Their experience and expertise helps them in segregating interviewees into categories. Hence, they would forward candidates on basis of quality and specific requirements of the Organisation. This would enable the hiring Company to deal with more relevant and carefully vetted and assessed candidates.

A few candidates are selective and loyal to certain specialist recruiters. They may not respond to calls of internal recruitment cells or offers raised through social media. Such skilled, specialised and experienced candidates are often out of reach without association with talent sourcing consultants.

Valuable insight for better hiring:

Manpower consultants are experts in hiring for all industries, roles and levels. Their deeper understanding and improved knowledge about the Organisational requirements and target job profiles enables organisations to hire better people. An in-house recruiter may have limited scope and may not be able to source as efficient people as can be sourced through and external manpower agency.

These consultants generally have a thorough knowledge about these specialist markets and are therefore in a position to source and select perfect fits and hire in the best interest of both the hiring organisation and the candidates.

Ease of building employer brand:

Organisations need to invest in developing a strong bonding with manpower consultants they work with. They not only provide potential candidate insights to the companies but also represent hiring organisations as employers of choice and convince talented people to join the organisations.

Cost benefit analysis:

There is an element of cost associated with hiring through an external agency. The agency goes through multiple candidatures, sieves appropriate candidates, carries out the interview process, co-ordinates with the company for releasing offer letter, follows up with candidates to ensure timely joining and on boarding and charges its fee in lieu of all these activities. Smooth execution of all these activities is owned up by the manpower consultant. This saves both time and effort on part of the organisation. Hence, the cost incurred for these functions is completely worth the price paid for it.

Aspect of flexibility:

An organisation may require manpower on a temporary basis as and when certain assignments come up. They may not desire to have these vacancies filled up using permanent employees. Manpower consultants are in the best position to help in recruiting for these limited requirements.

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