17 February 2019 AnkitChadha

How does Social Media help your business?


It has been found that more people follow brands on social media than celebrities. If your business is not putting social media to use then maybe you are losing out an effective and relatively cheap method to reach a large audience. Social media helps increase your brand awareness, humanize it in front of your audiences and helps you stay top of mind as well. This in turn brings in more social traffic, helps generate leads and boosts sales.

Beyond these apparent benefits here are some other varied ways in which social media helps connect, engage and grow your business:

  1. Increasing Visibility: Social media helps you see the people that you want to interact with. In turn, it also helps you gain visibility in niches, circles, groups and tribes when you begin to introduce yourself (or your products and services) and interact. Social media can come to your aid even if you are looking to fill up vacancies in your organisation with the right kind of people. Social media is being touted as the one major weapon that you might need to win the war of talent in the days to come.
  2. Establishing yourself as a thought leader: Internet and more so, the social media is the place where you can find like-minded people to collaborate and share your thoughts with. Go out there and start asking and answering questions. This is a way to demonstrate your subject knowledge and engage with others on the basis of your analysis and insights.
  3. Instant feedbacks: Social media serves you very well if feedback is what you are looking for. It is a two-way street where both the parties can exchange views directly. The fact that you get it instantly is the proverbial cherry on the top. Whether or not you are there, people are talking about your brand on the social media. If you manage then these feedbacks give you valuable opportunity to cash in on the positives and make amends as soon as you catch the negatives.