17 February 2019 ankitchadha

Three key pointers to keep in mind while choosing a consultant


A consultant is an expert who helps organisations and businesses with process improvements, improving competency, increasing efficiency, bridging gaps or simply as an industry resource. Often when a company needs an outside eye while dealing with a difficult situation, they bring in a consultant to give them a sound and an unprejudiced opinion.

Whatever might be your reason to employ or hire a consultant, our checklist of what qualities to look in for one, will help you choose the right person for your business.

  1. Experience- Look for someone who has experience both as a strategist and as an operations person. Take into consideration how many clients they have worked with before and in which industries. If you are hiring someone for a certain specific purpose, see if they have handled it in recent past as well as what they were able to do about it or they bring some input to the table that isn’t readily available elsewhere.
  2. Knowledge : Consultation is a skill that takes education and practice to master. It is not a highly regulated industry. It does well to look for those who have published literature in that particular topic, or are well read. Their education and prior work experience will also be able to give you an assurance regarding their knowledge and skills.
  3. Communication skills: A good consultant should be articulate. He/ She should have good command over written and oral skills. Not only that they should also be good listeners otherwise they won’t be able to fully grasp the problems you face and help you out with them. A good consultant must possess solid interpersonal skills as without these their efforts to help you might be hampered or half baked. Unimpeachable character and a creative approach to problem solving definitely go a long way in helping you choose an excellent consultant.