21 February 2019 ankitchadha

How to use technology to improve your brand’s customer experience?



One thing common among the world’s most successful companies is that they offer an amazing customer experience. “Customer is king”, is an age-old adage in business, and making sure that she/he stays happy has been an ongoing struggle for businesses of all kinds and scales. As we have set foot in a digital era, the customer has started to expect more and more in terms of standards of excellence, performance and almost everything in between. Technological advances help you gain ground with the consumer by offering them a joyful experience making them come back for more. In today’s article, we help you zero in on 3 technologies that can help you to enhance customer experiences in this digital age.

1.Virtual Reality:

The virtual reality experience can be immersive and provide consumers an absolutely new and a holistic experience of a product or service. This technology has managed to capture the audiences’ attention like nothing else has. Virtual Reality manages to establish a positive emotional connection prior to sale and this is one of its biggest advantages in sealing the deal.  : If you associate Virtual Reality with just video games then let this be a wake-up call for you.

2. Artificial intelligence:

Though AI, as Artificial Intelligence is popularly called, has been around since 1950s it is just now being used by brands for a core consumer experience. This technological innovation helps personalise and customise interactions more ‘human’ and most of the time without a human involved. This personalisation improves customer experience as people prefer offers tailored to meet their specific needs.

3. Chatbots :

A chatbot is a software that can converse like a human via a live chat interface. This truly is an amazing technological innovation that can works with a learning feature and uses previous conversations to tweak responses. They come in handy and are economical while dealing with regular queries and providing around the clock customer service. This is a win-win situation for the customer who can ask innumerable questions to the chatbot without getting sassed at in return.