Human Resource Services

With the ever-changing Global Economy, recruiting and hiring the right candidate has become a lot more challenging. New-age economic conditions include global competition, fast-changing business conditions, skills shortages, high unemployment, and a war for talent.

TRC's Human Resource Consulting services delivers deep expertise, objective insights, and custom-tailored HR solutions for your business requirements. Our HR Services are focused on producing optimal performance and outstanding results to our business partners.

1. Placement Services

Finding and hiring the right people in today's competitive environment demands to stay up-to-date with new recruiting models and trends which includes latest recruiting platforms, social media, branding, developing cordial relations with successful candidates and asking the right industry-related questions.

TRC, as a placement partner, allows its valued business partners to focus on the core operations of the business while we handle the staff supply, recruitment, and management. At TRC, we as an HR Consulting services believe in recruiting specialists rather than generalists. We perform the following HR Consultant Services functions:

  • Executive Search And Right Match
  • Expertise In Filling Gaps In Your Finance Team
  • Years Of Experience In Picking The Right Talent
  • Project-Based/Permanent Sourcing
  • In-House Support For Internal Processes
  • Transferring Of Ad-Hoc Employees
  • Hybrid Of Above Requirements Without Incurring The Cost Of A Full-Time Recruiter

2. Outsourcing Services

With the changing business landscape, it is quite complicated to manage all the operational activities related to business functions. For the same, at TRC Consulting, we provide customized payroll services and process outsourcing solutions to fulfil any urgent and project-dependent requirements by presenting the following benefits:

  • Reduced Employment Costs
  • Minimization Of Long Term Liabilities
  • Meet The Requirements Of Seasonal Increase In The Business
  • Hiring Flexibility
  • Expert/Niche Availability Of Resources
  • Minimum Turnaround Time
  • Strong And Experienced Bench

AT TRC, our objective is to lower your operational burden and cost to enable enhanced focus on your core business. We do so by deploying human resources on TRC's payrolls to fulfil the manpower requirements. Our specialized service modules are:

  1. TRC Manpower Outsourcing: Manpower outsourcing is a process in which organizations decide to utilize the resources of third parties or HR outsourcing services to handle and manage business functions such as Finance and HR.
  2. TRC Process Outsourcing: TRC aims to help ease the operational burden by helping outsource partners with peripheral processes and by allowing you to focus on your company's key competency of generating business. You also get the advantage of cost-effective HR Consulting services that bridge and support additional back-office solutions –Finance, Accounting, HR etc.

TRC Streamed Processes:

  1. Finance and Accounts Processes:
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts receivable
    • Vendor reconciliation
    • Bank reconciliation
  2. Legal and Compliance Processes:
    • Contract Management
    • Litigations and Structuring
  3. Human Resource (HR) Processes:
    • Salary Structuring & Payroll Processing
    • Employee Tax Computation &Certification
    • Statutory Deductions & Payments
    • HR Functions Structuring

3. Training and Development

Training and Development in HR is one of the main functions of the human resource management department. HR training and development refers to a systematic setup where employees are instructed and educated on the technicalities related to their jobs. It focuses on teaching employees how to do specific tasks to increase efficiency.

Similarly, HR training and development also refers to the overall holistic and educational growth and maturity of people in managerial positions. The process of HR training and development instils and drives insights, attitudes, adaptability, leadership, and human relations.

We at TRC are specialized in all sort of HR training and development services such as GST, ICFR, IFC, IND AS, soft skills etc..

TRC's HR Consulting Service's Methodologies

At TRC Corporate Consulting, we offer HR Consulting services for human-capital planning, compensation and benefits, organizational changes, HR features, talent acquisition management, HR analytics and training development.

What We Do:

  • We accurately evaluate your business requirements
  • We deliver the proper support to acquire the right kind of manpower
  • We facilitate the ultimate recruiting approach based on our extensive knowledge, skills, and consulting experience
  • We help your company find the right candidates through a secure and result-oriented process
  • We enable you to focus on the core activities of your business

At TRC Corporate Consulting, our objective is to ensure that all your HR needs get fulfilled. Our team of HR consulting professionals with their expertise, drive value to your business and help you achieve your business goals with an added advantage of minimizing any HR-related risks.

We also offer customized solutions for your business's human resources requirements. Our HR Consulting services professionals deliver the right solutions for varied function of human resources management, propelling your company towards a higher value.