We are Everyone’s Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing Partner

Are you ready to get more work done? Do you have a small team and too many compliances?
Want one trusted go-to person for all your business needs, whether it’s operational
or administrative?

Allow our team of committed audit and finance experts who have the right skill-sets,
to navigate your global business challenges. We adopt the culture of your company
in no time and blend right in to unlock your business’s full potential.

We believe when industry experts and leaders come together to share experiences
and propagate knowledge, everybody wins.


We are Everyone’s Outsourcing Partner

Valuation Partner

Valuation is but an assessment of highly complex factors, right from revenue to
reputation and goodwill. Our team leverages practical experience to help you
transform the legal and compliance affairs of your company into nimble,
innovation-driven functions.

Look us up for business and equity valuation, swap ratios, fixed asset valuations,
specific products (ESOPs) or industries, intangible assets (technology, brands
and contracts) and valuations for regulatory purposes.

Our augmented on-demand resources deliver legal, compliance and regulatory
functions quickly, accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.


We are Everyone’s Outsourcing Partner

Management Partner

Want your company’s physical assets streamlined or restructured with your
Fixed Asset Register? We’ll even customize the tags we put on them according
to your preference! With a pan India presence, we provide a one-stop solution
for your fixed asset management needs.

We remove notions of unwarranted difficulties, avoid unnecessary jargons and
substantially save on time and money for your business.

Our proven, performance-based management strategies are trusted by clients
throughout India and beyond, whether they’re new to outsourcing, plan on changing
providers, repositioning customer services, starting up a new business, or
diversifying their existing portfolio.


We are Everyone’s Outsourcing Partner

knowledge partner

Didn’t have the time to read through the latest guidance notes? Need a crash
course on the new provision of the companies act? Or just want to understand how
GST or Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code can affect your company? Whatever your
doubts, we’ll be there to educate and guide you in the best way!

With years of experience delivering achievements and optimal performance
across these provisions, we continue to provide the right tools and processes
that can bring outstanding results for your business and you, as our partners.


We are Everyone’s Outsourcing Partner

Placements Partner

Want To Secure Top Talent For Your Company?

TRC Placements is a centre of excellence for Executive Search, Leadership
Consulting and Talent Planning. With a dedicated talent acquisition team at your
service, you will never have to worry about filling vacant positions in your company.

If you are considering making the recruitment process of your business more
cost-effective and efficient, TRC is the right partner for your organization.

Whether you are a staffing agency or an employer, we can be your reliable
recruitment partners and help you discover top candidates for all open job positions!

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About Us

TRC Corporate Consulting is a young and dynamic consulting group that specializes in Business Growth Advisory services. We use our research and knowledge to provide expert services for both Domestic and International Clients. We pride ourselves on our tailored approach, deep expertise and unparalleled collaboration.
We are part of a group that has a rich 70+ Years of experience supporting our clients’ growth with top-level critical advisory and business impacting results. With our Vision of being “Customer Oriented -Excellence in integrated professional and consulting services” and Our motto of “Creating Opportunities, Unlocking Value”, we believe that we have always got your back. Read More


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As to achieve the objectives of the entity in question, keeping principal values like integrity and transparency intact, we at TRC extend our services in the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance services which are three related facets assuring the entities with the reliability to achieve its objectives, correspondingly addressing the uncertainty and associated actions with integrity.


TRC Corporate Consulting Associates Helps You Prepare A Corporate Growth Strategy That Helps You Grow and Lead The Competition.

At  TRC, we look more deeply into the operations of your business. With our advanced tools and skilled experts, we corporate finance consulting in a way that brings unique data-backed strategies to life in surprising ways to form a company growth strategy that’s efficient and effective. Utilizing our expertise and innovation, our clients transform from market supporters to market leaders.


There is no time like now for effective corporate and personal tax advice. The professionals at TRC Corporate Consulting Private Limited provide the alternatives you seek and will achieve the most efficient results for your tax planning needs. Our clients, both Indian businesses and multinationals face a wide range of challenges dealing with domestic and international tax laws. Effective tax advice, innovative planning to reduce the tax burden you confront and enhancing your company's financial performance is our focus. We keep you current at the latest changes impacting your business and we deliver tax solutions that are practical yet creative.


With an intent to bring transparency and increased governance in the working of companies in India, the Corporate Laws are witnessing changes at a rapid speed. The exponential growth in the level of compliance, coupled with stringent monitoring by regulatory agencies, are forcing corporates to become more compliant and vigilant in their dealing. Such development exposes both the Company and its Directors to higher regulatory risk if the importance of compliance is not recognized.

At TRC, we can not only ensure that your organization is fully compliant with the applicable Corporate Laws but can also make your organization synergize with the ever-evolving regulatory framework w.r.t company secretarial services so that companies stay prepared to take on such challenges head-on.


With the change in Global Economy, recruiting and hiring the right candidate has become a lot more difficult. New economic conditions include global competition, fast changing business conditions, skills shortages, high unemployment and a war for talent. Finding and hiring the right people in this kind of recruiting environment requires keeping up with new recruiting environment requires keeping up with new recruiting technology and social media, developing relationships with successful candidates and asking the right questions. TRC allows its esteemed business partners across the nation to focus on their core business while we recruit, supply and manage the staff for them.


Fixed asset management is a secretarial process that seeks to track fixed assets for valuation, financial accounting, precautionary maintenance, and theft prevention.

Organizations face significant challenges to track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, depreciation status and valuation of tangible assets. A common approach to monitoring these fixed assets is to use serial numbered asset tags, which are essentially labelled with bar codes for easy and accurate reading. The proprietor of the assets can then take up inventory with a bar code reader and generate a statement.


The evolving business environment requires professional advice on fair value rather than the historical value as provided by the financial statements. The Regulatory and the management needs for Fair Valuation for different purposes has multiplied over the years. With the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the requirements of Fair Value and related concepts are due to take a big leap.

Be it complex business valuations, investment valuations, deals or strategic financial decisions, our resources with multi-skilled capabilities of financial accountants and technical specialists supported by industry experts assist clients in obtaining fair valuation results for varied purposes across industries.


Productivity and profits decide and actualise the success of every business. At TRC, our goal as a business advisory services is to help you focus on the business fundamentals that are necessary for establishing, developing, and growing a productive and profitable business.

Our business advisory consultants deliver innovative yet data-backed business solutions that help drive profits, maximize efficiencies, and ultimately increase the value of your business.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) was authorized by both Houses of Parliament and received the Presidential assent in May 2016. Later on 01st December 2016, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) was operationalized. IBC creates a new-found institutional framework, entailing a regulator, insolvency specialists, information functions and adjudicatory mechanisms, that will facilitate a formal and time-bound insolvency resolution and liquidation process.

With a panel of more than 15 IBBI registered insolvency professionals operating at a PAN India level, TRC is providing in-house expertise for taking care of all significant tasks/activities in the Resolution/Liquidation process including Compliances, Transactions, Operations, Supervision and Resolution. 



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Executive Director

Ankit Chadha



Mr. Ankit Chadha is the Executive Director with the firm and brings in a progressive and an enthusiastic approach to client service.

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Sr. Manager Client Relations

Sagar Chatterji


Mr. Sagar Chatterji has 5+ years of rich experience in the field of Business Development and Marketing. Has a thorough understanding of marketing in the field of finance and consulting.

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what clients say

Some valuable words from our loving and ever growing customers.

TRC is highly professional, committed and support its clients with value added approach. We are delighted to have them as our business partner.

Corporate Finance - Volvo Eicher

Team has put in great efforts for pointing out some good observations in Q1 and close the audit in a timely manner. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you and look forward to many more years of working with you.

Internal Audit Head - Mawana Sugars

Your team is made up of hand-picked, talented individuals. The success of organizations hinges on the performance of these employees and happy workers are the true assets for these organizations. I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the whole TRC team for providing the quality resources to HCL and making the relationship stronger with every passing quarter.

Internal Audit Head - HCL Technologies


We appreciate the assignment handled by you in our organization on Audit of Internal financial control and rating you at highest level based on the below criteria: 1. Commitment to timelines and customer satisfaction 2. Knowledge and patience of your team & effective leadership 3. Behavioral skills of TRC team 4. Presentation and reporting of observations. 5. Providing continued guidance and support. Look forward the similar commitment and efforts for future assignments. Keep it up.

Head - Internal Audit - Caparo India operation

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